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Directors Note

Directors Note

Being an aspiring director, I was very picky in selecting the story which I wanted to direct. Since I am a big fan of suspense-thriller movies, I was looking for something challenging to make. A year ago, as Arjun Pradhan and I talked about possible short stories for me to direct, Enigma – The Fallen Angel came up. It has extraordinary characters, enthralling challenges and extraordinary scenes, but I never understood what held it together.

I sat down and read the story and realized anew how compelling it is. I started reading about the psychological terms, and I hit upon a piece of information that made the light bulb go on for me. It is difficult to forget a character who has inherent suffering and her struggle to find the answers for the same. These people are displaced persons. They cannot go home. They would be killed. They must create a new world for themselves that will require all their courage and imagination. What a delightfully dangerous context for a thriller.

Every film is about the people who come to see it. It must speak to us in ways that relate to our experience. However, I always find it helpful to imagine how that first audience at first glance received it.

As I imagined this film in a shady and glamorous way. It is also murderously dangerous. It is bursting with inhuman possibilities that are terrorized by uncertainty, unbridled ambition and the randomness of the search for a cure.

Let me take you to what Enigma – The Fallen Angel is all about. I am engaging you on a journey where Richa transposed her frustration with responding to her inner demon. A movement into challenging art and the exciting shocks she has on the horizon.