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About Director

About Director

Abhay Thakur is a celebrated award-winning Film Producer, Director, and VFX Producer from Mumbai, India.

Born on the 3rd November to Mr. Jayantrao Thakur – a famous businessman, and Mrs. Shubhangi Thakur. Abhay is married to Snnehal. She is managing the production-house ‘Dream Catcher’ as a Chief Operational Officer that Abhay owns.

Abhay has produced and co-produced multiple feature films and commercial-grade theatrical dramas under Dream Catcher Company. His ventures have already received grand success. His excellence is recognized by the top-notch Indian and International Film Industry functions, like Dadasaheb Phalke Film Festival, WorldFest Houston (where he received Remi Award), Hollywood Boulevard, etc.

‘Enigma – The Fallen Angel (Pilot-Short),’ ‘Once More’ (The movie), ‘The Offender – Story of a Criminal,’ ‘Monkey Baat,’ ‘Once More’ (The Play), ‘Visru Nako Tila’ (Short), ‘Mi Ti Ani Diary’ (Short) are the names of a few hugely popular and successful production ventures under his belt.

Abhay is a master of extraordinary directorial vision. His first directorial venture – “Enigma – The Fallen Angel” marked him as a rising star among the film directors fraternity.

This short melodrama has won more than a hundred awards (and counting) worldwide. It is critically acclaimed by various esteemed film festivals, including Cannes World Film Festival, New York Film Awards, Falcon International Film Festival (London), Vegas movie Awards, Tagore International Film Festival, Toronto Film Channel Awards, Milan Gold Awards, etc.

‘Enigma’ stands as a unique and original psychological thriller story that remains a big success in the world of festivals.

Over five years, Abhay has supervised end-to-end VFX production for more than 25 features and short films. These films include Luckee, Khari Biscuit, Rampaat, Super Hit Gujrati Film “Chaal Jeevi Laiye,” High Jack, and Ready Mix. His work for the film – ‘Once More’ has earned him Dadasaheb Phalke Golden Camera Award, the highest level award in Indian Cinema Industry.

Abhay has authored a series of Sci-Fi Thriller feature films and web series and is working on them passionately. The pre-production for these giants has already begun, and Abhay’s proficiency in these fields is helping him to execute these mammoth projects successfully.